Viva-Lite International Ltd.

Viva-Lite's goal is to provide you with a better light for a better life.

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Viva-Lite International Ltd.

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Viva-Lite International Ltd.
PO Box 524
1840 Waiheke Island
New Zealand

About our company

We sell energy-saving full-spectrum lamps, enabling people and companies worldwide to work better, feel better and see better. We offset as much carbon as possible during our production and logistics processes.

"Until about one hundred years ago, we spent 90 percent of our daytime outdoors under natural light. Today, it's quite the opposite. Houses, cars, offices, schools, or shopping malls are all built to be energy-efficient and well insulated, protecting us from the sun's natural light and warmth. As a result, we are continuously exposed to artificial lighting; it’s no wonder we feel distressed and sometimes depressed."
Toby Ruckert, Founder Viva-Lite®