Spend Vacations in a Nuclear Resort

Tourists can visit and even stay over night at the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. It's quite clever advertising trick but at the same time why not using such building for entertaining or even educating people?

While in Germany they "re-use" an old Nazi bunker to produce renewable energy, in the Philippines an abandoned and never-running nuclear power plant has been turned into a touristic attraction.

Image: National Geograhic

According to National Power Corporation, the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant has been inspected twice, in 1984 and 1985, and already twice it was approved to receive fuel and begin start-up testing. However, the plant was mothballed, largely due to safety concerns, such as its proximity to faults. Now the Power Plant has been uranium free for 14 years since the radioactive fuel was sold off in 1997.

The first part of the tour involves a presentation of the plant's safety features, including its apparent ability to withstand an earthquake as strong as the one that shook Japan's Fukushima plant on March 11, 2011.

The rest of the tour includes a guided walk through the guts of the unused plant. "Tourists can see the reactor, steam generators, control rooms, turbine-generators, etc.," National Power's Marcelo said in an interview to National Geographic.

Image: National Geographic

It is possible to take a look at some control rods that are still unused and still encased in the plastic they were originally wrapped in, while the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant's main control room looks much alike with a space-ship from the 80's.

Image: National Geographic

What is interesting but at the same time frustrating - Filipino taxpayers are still paying 155,000 dollars a day in interest on a structure that has never produced one watt of power.

The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant was opened for visitors after the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown last March and entry fee to visit it is 150 Philippine pesos (about half a Dollar).

Image: National Geographic

The fee for visiting the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant includes also use of a nearby private beach where everything that a tourist would want is available - darts, karaoke, table tennis and more.

Image: National Geographic

What can I say, good idea! It would definitely be interesting to visit a nuclear power plant, especially if there is also a possibility to lie on the beach...

Posted by Alise, 18.1.2012

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