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Green Company Effect, GCE, is a social media platform concentrating on sustainability. The sole purpose is to connect companies and consumers in one platform to make sustainable efforts visible and transparent. It is meant for all types of companies - not only cleantech or social enterprises, but all companies having sustainability as a value, and even cities and organizations, big or small, globally. Companies and organizations have a great impact on the environment and social well-being for us all. Companies already do a lot to be sustainable but these actions are hard to find. In GCE we call these good actions DEEDs.
Consumers are aware and interested to choose products and services from sustainable companies. With GCE everyone gets to easily view what companies are doing and make responsible choices. To browse all deeds and companies in GCE just click on magnifier in the search field. Green Company Effect directs a part of the profit to a sustainable cause through charities, campaigns or other forms. During 2017 we supported efforts to improve girl’s education through World Vision. The 2018 campaign is yet to be decided. As a GCE Premium Member you will be automatically participating in this effort. You can also join us by donation which means that you buy GCE activity points.