It’s all about good DEEDs

The purpose of Green Company Effect, GCE, is to connect companies and consumers in one platform to make sustainable efforts, DEEDs, visible and transparent.

GCE is a social media platform concentrating on sustainability. It is for all companies, cities and other organizations, big and small, globally - not only for cleantech or social enterprises, but all companies having sustainability as a value. Consumers sign in to make their green personal effect by liking and commenting the good deeds of companies, and making sustainable choices in their daily life.

As a result, companies get value for their sustainable actions by making them easily visible to customers and business partners and get inspiration to reaching even more ambitious goals in doing sustainable business. Sustainability covers environmental and social aspects and UNs 17 Sustainable Development Goals are taken as the key goals for actions. The sustainability promise of GCE targets goal number 17 “Partnerships for the goals” - we aim at spreading sustainable practices, building networks, activating everyone to do even more and at changing attitudes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the sustainable efforts of businesses and organizations visible and transparent to public, and in turn to give public a chance to influence sustainability through their choices. We want to activate both companies and public to think and act in a more sustainable way.

Our Vision

Our vision is that with small and big efforts, deeds, we can make this planet a better place to live in, together.

Team behind GCE

GCE started as a closed platform for a group of 15 European SMEs - professionals like you who were concerned about the environment but also about their business. Companies from all over the world wanted to join us and we then decided to offer the platform to everyone!

We are a group of Finns having a dream that by sharing positive actions, we can make this world a slightly better place to live in. In Finland we have a lot of clean air and water, responsible business culture and great education – we think it’s the perfect place to start the GCE mission. Our team has experience from big global enterprises and small entrepreneurship in various industries and in several countries. We have expertise in communication and brand building, understanding of businesses and science behind sustainability. Feel free to contact us any

Frequently Asked Questions

Deed is a post about an action which has a positive impact on environment or society. It can be a small thing like turning lights off or a big investment on making the environment more clean. Companies make deeds, registered users can like, comment and share deeds. Deed can be described in text format, with a picture or even as video.
To browse all companies and deeds in GCE, just click on magnifier or enter in the "Search deeds and companies" - field, leaving search field empty.
In GCE all your posts related to sustainability will be saved in one place and the message will not be lost in streams of information. B2B or consumer customers will be able to easily view your sustainability efforts from one place. Also, you can use it internally in your company so that all employees know what you are doing for sustainability, motivate them to contribute. You can even use it as a basis for your sustainability reporting.
Yes. Make sure you put correct and descriptive key words to describe your company and for every deed you do, Search function will find you! You can develop even better partnership network if you sign in for Premium Membership. You can invite potential customers to your network and this way the network expands!
All companies are responsible for their own actions, including communication. We are convinced that misleading communication on sustainability, “green washing”, will hurt the business more than be a benefit. If you note misuse, please report.
GCE intentionally only rates you for your activity in sharing your deeds and in networking. Metrics on sustainability is very complex, specially if we take all 17 UN’s Sustainable Development Goal areas into consideration! There are many organizations tackling the issue on metrics and on specific topics. GCE shares and makes sustainable actions visible.
YES, individuals can make their own profiles in GCE. They can see, follow, like, comment (if allowed by the company) and share deeds in their social media platforms. And NO but individual persons can not make deeds, only companies post deeds.
Share, share and share :) + there are several important things you can do to ensure your visibility in GCE: 1) In making and completing your company profile: a. Make sure you enter descriptive and as many words as needed to describe the industry/field your company operates in. Add these tags into Industry – field in your company profile. b. Make sure your logo is looking good, square logos work visually best. c. Get Premium Membership – it will be noticed and the functions will enable you to connect even better. 2) In making deeds: a. Appealing Deed title will get people interested! b. Make Deed content clear and descriptive including important words like your company name, your industry, geographic locations, goal of your action e.g. recycling, climate change… c. Add Keywords, again descriptive and as many as needed. d. Upload nice pictures or videos to support your deed – improves visual appearance, and you will get noticed.
You can use the GCE pine cone logo in your company web site as a sign of belonging to GCE, it's a sign for caring. It will make your membership more visible, and also the logo will be a direct link to your company's GCE profile making it very easy to find! Just go to GCE site and in the footer you will find "GCE logos" and instructions. You will get 10 GCE activity points for adding the logo on your web site, so in your company profile – edit - tick the box asking whether you have already added GCE logo on your web page.
United Nations (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by UN countries on September 25th 2015. These goals were set to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years. Let´s make these goals to be a part of GCE by categorizing the main aim of your company and every deed you make! When creating your company profile and in making a deed, we would like you to select one of the 17 UN goals from the drop down list to describe the aim of your sustainability work. This will enable us to analyse and report our joint efforts and effectiveness of Green Company Effect.
You can share a video which relates to your deed either as a link to Youtube or as a Vimeo. Please note: Vimeo link must be the Embeded-version not but go to share and copy the For Youtube URL please use full link, not the link generated for share like
Companies can collect GCE credits by being active in GCE or by buying them. Companies with most GCE credits will be awarded monthly and yearly - with more credits you get better visibility for your company and your deeds. Ways to collect credits: • Company creates profile 100 • Create a deed10 • Add GCE logo to your website10 • Premium membership 10 / month • Somebody likes your deed1 • Add a brand, subsidiary or partner1 • Send link to invite companies1 • or buy as many as you want 1€/1 credit
As a Premium Member you will be able to 1) View who follows you, 2) Create your B2B network, 3) Link your brands into one network, 4) Link your subsidiaries into one network, 5) Get better visibility for your company and deeds, 5) 10 GCE credits for each premium month.
Why not? Sustainability is a great brand value for consumer and B2B products. GCE members benefit of more sustainable image but more importantly you will …. 1. Make your sustainability efforts easily visible to consumers and business partners. In a focused platform, your message will not be lost in information overload. 2. Get useful tips to be more active and your actions activate others - make a difference and support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nations. 3. Find new customers – both B2B and B2C. Find new business partners who are responsible and care, from all around the world. 4. Find novel technologies and inspiring ideas on how to be more sustainable. 5. Create more circular, more profitable businesses – services and products. 6. Get the GCE logo to use as a visible sign for caring. 7. Get feedback from customers, your deeds will be liked, commented and shared in social media!