Mobile school - electricity to schools in off-grid areas

12 Nov 2018

There are currently over 2B people without access to electricity and over 260M people out of school. Without access to electricity, teachers, students and schools alike are lacking the means and tools for teaching and studying in rural areas. For this reason, Tespack started with their project called Mobile School which empowers local teachers and students in off-grid by providing them the tools and means to create energy from the sun and use this to power all mobile devices needed for teaching and studying, such as laptops, phones, tablets, LED lights and projectors. Tespack has current on-going projects with Saura Mandala in India where they are powering a school of over 450 students in Breswana, and with Save the Children in Sudan where Tespack is powering their humanitarian workers with their Solar Smartpacks.

This deed targets Sustainable Development Goal number 7. Affordable and clean energy