Developing new, low-emission and cost-effective logistics for Aviapolis

31 Jan 2019

Tecinspire was asked to join Aviapolis Traffic Lab. This project is led by the City of Vantaa in co-operation with Helsinki and Espoo.

Aviapolis Lab develops new, sustainable, low-emission and cost-effective mobility and logistics solutions. It aims to diminish the need for private cars and to develop new ride-sharing services.

New technologies will enable development of more sustainable and more environmentally-friendly mobility solutions.

Tecinspire has joined the project as one of the 30 partners with our App2Day service. App2Day is an awarded social calendar designed for families, sport teams and other communities.

One of the key features of App2Day is carpooling and it will be utilised in Aviapolis area with citizens and work related traveling. Carpooling saves time, money, traffic and emissions.

Additional information:

This deed targets Sustainable Development Goal number 11. Sustainable cities and communities


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Matti Angeria
4 weeks

Great deed!